Locating A Pet Friendly Hotel In Madison WI

Traveling with pets can pose some challenging situations. Except if you’ve a motor-home, camper or are staying with family and friends, most of time it is almost impossible to take your furry family with you.

There are not many Hotels in Madsion Wisconsin that offer accommodations for you as well as your pet. Frankly, some that do, you would not even allow your pets to stay there, let alone spend the evening there oneself.

Madison is a very pet friendly location. There six off-leash dog parks within the city limits of Madison, and almost a dozen city parks that allow you to walk your leashed dogs on the stunning trails within the parks.

On the shoreline of Lake Monona Bay, Brittingham Park is only a quick 2 miles from the hotel. This twenty five acre park has lots of trails for leash walking your dog. Regardless of whether you happen to be traveling from a far away place or just a few hours, having a location that you could take your canine to walk that’s a nice stroll for you too is important. Traveling by automobile for a pet can be nerve-racking. Whilst they enjoy being with you, pets need exercising, Brittingham Park is the perfect location when you are staying with us.

When you are traveling with pets, not merely do you wish to find pet friendly hotel chains during your travel, additionally you need to know exactly where you’ll find some vet clinics just in case your dog becomes unwell. From the very best pet friendly hotel in Madison, Super 8(TM) there’s an excellent vet clinic less than 1 minute from the hotel in the event you’ll need it.

For a nominal fee added to your lodging, you can bring your dog with you and stay in the most convenient and pet friendly Hotels in Madison. We welcome you as well as your pets to stay with us whenever you happen to be in Madison. Locating a quality, pet friendly hotel in Madison, WI isn’t effortless. Super 8(TM) is both a pet friendly hotel as well as a people friendly hotel.

Finding a quality, pet friendly hotel in Madison, WI isn’t easy. Super 8(TM) is both a pet friendly hotel and a people friendly hotel.

You can conveniently make your reservations on our website www.super8madison.com or you can get in touch with us at 606.258.8882 or 800.800.8000 to talk with one of our friendly helpful staff members.

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